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Preview from outputs window

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Dear folks,


Just an idea that would make my life working with the fat frog a lot better.


When wanting to preview a memory, this now has to be done by pressing the 'preview' button while in the Memories window.


If you want to see the differences however between the current and upcoming memories, one has to press 'outputs' remember the values, press memories and then 'preview'. Still 'preview' is essentially an outputs window...


It would be nice to be able to press 'preview' (as a momentary switch?) whilst in the outputs window, and have the outputs for the next memory displayed on screen... Maybe even in a slightly different colour. So you can switch swiftly between current and upcoming outputs.




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We already have the following logged for consideration:


Frog Reference 5430 Allow previewed memory/submaster/SX to be changed without closing preview window.


Edit: Frog Reference number for your suggestion:


Frog Reference 5562 - Preview button to allow next memory to be previewed from the Outputs screen.

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