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Stupid programming question - can't crossfade!?

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Ok, really simple and stupid one!


Got a show programmed, but I have got something wrong!


I am only using generic fixtures, and when I move to the next cue, they dont really crossfade. The first cue dies out, then the next fades up!


What have I forgot to do!?


Thanks again - sorry it's a stupid one!

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Are you using the Playback X controls including the Go button to play back the memories (cues) on the memory stack ?


If so, check that the Override control is set to the central (neutral) position.


Also check the fade up and fade down times of the memories (cues) themselves. For a smooth dipless crossfade between two memories (cues) you would normally set the two fade times to be the same (eg 3 seconds).

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If you are doing big fades between say a red and blue wash then sometimes it is best to use a split cross fade, say 3 sec up and 5 sec down. It will also often depend on the dimmers and the lamps on them. Sometimes the curve can mean a light fades out before the one fading in has reached a similar level. Play with the times.



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