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Am I doing anything wrong ?

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Had a show last week, and programmed some submasters in a hurry.

My desk is in partial, and I programmed the 4 firt subs to 4 different colors colors (from the faders), and the next 4 with some fixture chases.

I set the SM 1 up to full and putted SM 6 up and it cancelled the first SM. It did not happened with the other SM2,3, and 4. And the programming was the same on all of them. This problem has happened before to.

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I wasn't using the fixtures this time, and nope none of them was tagged.

But yesterday I programmed using some fixtures, and all ended up wrong. On SM1 I programmed a fixture show with some really white spots on the artists which worked perfectly. But on SM2 I programmed another background show with the fixtures. And it worked fine right after I programmed the values. But under the show when I changed from SM1 to SM2 some of the fixtures wouldn't change position and the other values. hmmm, funny episode I would say. Nice cozy background, and 2 REALLY WHITE spots in the middle of the stage. WHY !!!! WHY !!!!

I never had theese problems with the other softwares, but after changing to v.9.6 It has only been problems. really unstable.

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