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Multiple channel data change

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A little introduction ...


We are the owners of a FROG desk and have been very happy so far; it has never failed us even to the worst conditions of humidity or summer heat.


However, as a desk programmer, I often face the following problem:


Our shows average a 150 light scenes per play.

Lighting equipment (or distance) is different from theater to theater so I have to make mass changes to certain channel for the whole show. And to make things worse there are times when available time is limited.


So I would be very happy to see ...


1. Import/Export the show to a delimited ascii file so I can make mass changes with an editor or a utility and reimport the show. This could be done to the show saved on the floppy disk.




2. Mass channel changes, i.e.

"1 AND 2 AND 3 AT 25%", "1 THRU 15 AT 50%"



I wonder if this could be implemented using the function keys, something like this:


Entering EDIT mode for a scene or chase.


I press [F1] - Desk enters MULTI mode and asks for channel.

( [+] is AND, [-] is THRU )


I enter channel number on the numeric keypad and press [+]

Desk asks for channel

I enter another channel.


I press [F2] - Desk asks for level (AT)

I enter a numeric value and press [ENTER]


Desk saves channel data and exits MULTI mode.



I understand that this functionality is offered in other of your desks and that it could also be a comlete nightmare to program if not in initial design but I thought I could ask.


Best Regards

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I think that your last sentence sums up the current situation quite accurately :wink:


I can understand the functionality you are asking for, but to be perfectly honest, the front panel and user interface design of the frog is not geared up for that way of operation.


However, if you look at the Illusion 500, the opposite is true :P


The programming/editing of channel data is done via a numeric keypad, and with the various tracking functions available it is very simple to change channel levels across multiple cues/memories in the memory stack. :P

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Ok, being a computer programmer myself, I understand the problem.


But I have to ask if the format of the ".isf" file is available to public ?

Perhaps I could write a utility to read the file, edit values and write them down.

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