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Owners Information on LCD ...

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this is a suggestion for Frog I and successors ...

The desk should store owners Information like

Name / Address / Tel

it makes live much easier while dry hiring the desk´s



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Both of these sound interesting ideas :)


As well as on startup, maybe there could be an option, for example in Super User which could display the company logo (if supplied) together with the name, address, tel no etc on the monitor screen.


Perhaps a simple PC utility could ask you to supply the relevant details and image, which could then be saved onto a floppy and loaded into the desk via a new function in Super User ?

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a pc utility would idd be even better idd.

can't wait until it is ready :lol:


We occasionally have good ideas as well you know, but I guess you'll just have to wait and see :)


We haven't agreed to do it, just acknowledged the fact that it is a potential candidate for consideration in any future updates we may produce for the Frog series. :P

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