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Found 7 results

  1. I need help. What do I need to do to solve the Error code 004 on a Zero 88 Jester 24/48
  2. Hi all, I'm currently programming for a live DJ event I have coming up. I've programmed the board full of chases on sub masters and am looking to 'sync' the chase steps to the beat. I've tried the audio input mode, however, it seems somewhat unreliable from my testing and have therefore concluded that a manual beat setting would be ideal. I've read through the user manual and it looks like this may be able to be achieved using the "<Beat>" flash mode to advance the chase accordingly set to a beat that the operator is able to control by clicking the "Insert" buttom in time to
  3. Hi, Today I created a simple colour chase on a playback, once I'd done that I wanted to copy it to the next playback and then change the parameter to "Random". I couldn't figure out how to use the "Copy" command though? What's the correct syntax to use? Regards
  4. Hi, If I've used the patch wizard to add say 10 Mac 700s and 20 LED PARs as well as a few conventionals. Is there any way in "Edit Fixtures" to select multiple fixtures? Say I want to invert pan on all my Mac 700s, can I highlight them all or tag them in some way? It's a pain to have to select each one and set them individually. I recently had 64 LEDs and I needed to set their "Home" intensity to '0'. That took me absolutely ages! Regards
  5. hi, We have a little problem, we are french and we have the solution XL. Someone can explain us how do we change 1*96 to 2*48 most simply possible. thanks
  6. Hi! As the topic sounds, I need a fixture file for Stairville LED BAR 240/8 RGB. This is the product http://www.thomann.de/se/stairville_led_bar_2408_rgb_dmx_30.htm In the latest Fixture update i only found for Stairville's other LED BARS. Best Regards
  7. I have recently repaired a Sirius 48 and it is now in working order. The person who sold it to me had the some-what bizarre notion of removing all 120 or so of the slider knob caps. I wonder if anyone could recommend a source where I could get these at a reasonable cost, please? The slider shaft appears to be 8mm x 1.2mm. Thank you for any assistance. Chris
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