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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I made a custom fixture (.ift) file. But when I try to import the file onto my Jester ML 24, the message "Please Wait" occurs and doesn't go away. I have a Kingston 16GB USB, completely empty with the file on it. I run Jester ML 4.1 on it. Why can't I import my fixture file? Kind Regards, Hugo Woesthuis TDC444.ift
  2. Hi! I recently bought a Solution desk. It worked fine for a while but now there's a problem. I can't no longer get the USB stick to work. The keyboard and mouse works just fine but neither the Zero88 USB stick or a Sandisk memory work at all any longer.. Somebody got any clue? Thanks!
  3. Hi I'm looking into the possibility of driving our new FLX from my laptop via usb and a midi interface of some kind. For shows I use Multiplay which is a brilliant FREE show sound package and it has the option to control midi devices as it can send midi control codes. I would like to trigger the master go button via these codes. 1. Is this possible? 2. What usb to midi convertor would I need? Thanks in advance Chris Lucas Buckley Theatre Club
  4. Hi, i want to trigger playbacks controlling only non-intensity parameters using a midi lauchpad (no need for a fader...). MIDI is already supported by the FLX, but most launchpads only have a usb port. Does the FLX support MIDI over USB ? Do you have other ideas to trigger playbacks by something similar? Regards Jan
  5. hi I have a problem with updating an ORB XF. I extracted the install file on a usb and formatted etc. I plug it into the correct port near the LAN port. But the the console is not booting from the pen drive. by the way the pen drive can be shown when taking a backup. anyone know whats the problem???
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