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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm desperate to get a fixture profile for the following 2 fixtures. Stairville Show Bar Tri 18x3W RGB Stairville Show Bar Tri 18x3W RGB.pdf Varytec Truss Light COB LED 30W Varytec Truss Light COB LED 30W.pdf I have had basic profiles created from the team here but they only give access to choose the programmed colours and effects yet the colours can be control via RGB to mix any colour. It's so frustrating to not be able to mix your colours to match the scenes you have created. I currently can't use the Show Bars because of this and I've had them over 1 year now and my use of the Truss Lights is limited. I've had a go at creating the profiles myself to no avail (I am a newbie at this so there's no surprise there). All I want to do is mix my own colours via the control wheels. I've attached the manuals to both fixtures so if anyone could help a frustrated volunteer i would be forever in your debt. Many thanks Leighton
  2. I need a fixture profile for a american dj inno color beam quad 7 asap! http://www.americandj.eu/default/inno-color-beam-quad-7.html/ I have it out on trial? Anyone have one? Running a Leap Frog 48, current version 7.7 of ZerOS
  3. Does anyone have a profile for the Miltec MTC-Par144Q range? I have tried making a profile but I am doing something wrong somewhere and I am under a bit of pressure. Apparently Miltec say that they sent the details and Zero88 say they haven't received them and of course it is Plasa week. Add to it all I am an Apple Mac user trying to negotiate a PC. The profile I tried to make had an error message wrong file type but it had the .ift suffix. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Evening all, Don't suppose anyone already has a profile setup (or alternative that works with) MTC-PAR64s? ( http://www.miltec.org.uk/lighting/LED%20Lighting/LED%20Colour%20Changers/MTC-PAR64%20-%20LED%20Par%2064%20can.html ) Can't find information on the DMX codes anywhere, and can't find a copy of the manual Many thanks, Steve
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