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Found 1 result

  1. mathias

    parallel playbacks - htp and/or ltp?

    Hi, since the full manual is not yet published, we got some questions concerning playbacks and flx. Imagine the following the situation: Programmed Playback 1, Cue 1: Some RGB-LED fixtures @ 100% intensity, Color: red Programmed Playback 2, Cue1: The exact same RGB-LED fixtures @ 100% intensity, Color: blue Sliding Fader 1 up to full, running Playback 1, Cue 1 we see the fixtures light up in red light, just as we expect. Now, touching Fader 2 und sliding up to full running Playback 2, Cue1, what is the result? (note: Fader 1 running Playback 1 Cue 1 is untouched at full output) a ) HTP-merge of the output: red and blue combines to magenta b ) LTP-merge of the output: the fixtures become blue c ) Nothing happens since playback 1 is not released d ) something different? Thanks very much. Best regards Mathias

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