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Found 2 results

  1. PhilSpeck

    Tracking backup

    Hello again... still on the network setup here, with projectors working, but no tracking backup... I may be missing something in terms of setting up a tracking backup, but... here is where I’m at: I can see the laptop and flx via each other on network settings without issues. I can use either the flx as a desk or separately the laptop with dongle as a desk. I just can’t get either to recognise the other as a master, even with manual IP entry when they are set to backup. Do you have guide for setting this up? Had a quick look, but haven’t found anything yet. Thanks. Phil.
  2. cucolino

    Phantom Exit issues

    Hi guys. It's been more than a while since I've used Zero88 consoles, since I switched to a different company which held Avolites only, but now got an opourtunity to buy Leap frog 48 for rather low price, so I did, because I loved that desk the time I worked with it, although there were quite a few software issues I'd love to have solved... I'm getting it within a few days. Anyway, since my last usage, you made an update to 7.8. Haven't been able to check all of the changes just yet, but I already have an issue that I really can't deal with: Phantom ZerOS on Windows still has issues when exiting the application. I clearly remember this issue on Windows 7. I'm using 8.0 now, and it's still the same. Every time I try to quit the app with either Alt+F4, Close button, or even End task via task manager, the output monitor window reappears in another instance, so after trying a while I got like 20 instances of Output monitor window. What's the secret in exiting this app? Also, 2 different issues: First run - freeze with output monitor saying something like "Nothing to load" or something.... Nest start, I got "Non-Volatile RAM retention test failed. The internal battery may need replacing - Please contact a service agent". Why would I get these errors in Phantom ZerOS? I really hope the software works out better on the console itself.... :/ Hope to get your reply!

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