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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all. I'm relatively new to a Jester 24/48, using it for a small amdram group to control up to 18 channels of conventional lamps through 3 betapak 3 dmx controlled dimmer packs (no problems) and many LED lamps. 14 of the LEDs use 6 dmx channels each and we have 3 chauvet battens which can use up to 17 dmx channels each. For some shows, I've managed to group the lamps and patch the dmx addresses so that one fader operates several dmx addresses and therefore lamps, but I'm struggling to get anything more complicated than that. The Jester Manual tells me that "The DMX patch may be changed at any time without affecting the memory data stored in the desk." So, when programming a show, I have tried re-patching the dmx addresses part way through a programme so that the faders control different aspects of different lamps at different times in the programme / show. But it doesn't work / remember the various states, so I wonder what I'm doing wrong. If I record Scenes 1 to 10 with one set of dmx patching, then change it all for scenes 11 to 20, then go back to scene 1 the new dmx addresses are there, not the ones I set for scene 1. I must admit I've only tried it on Phantom Jester so far to test it out and start a new show at home, but should this work? Many thanks in advance. jimbo
  2. Hi, If I've used the patch wizard to add say 10 Mac 700s and 20 LED PARs as well as a few conventionals. Is there any way in "Edit Fixtures" to select multiple fixtures? Say I want to invert pan on all my Mac 700s, can I highlight them all or tag them in some way? It's a pain to have to select each one and set them individually. I recently had 64 LEDs and I needed to set their "Home" intensity to '0'. That took me absolutely ages! Regards
  3. I'm trying to patch a pair of Triton Blue Mini Spot 250SP movers with my Jester ML24. The jester has the Mini Spot 250 in it's library, which picks them up and allows me control over everything but the dimmer (which obviously makes all other control fairly redundant). I'm assuming the 250SP is a more basic version of the straight 250? Is it possible to download a patch for it? Or is there something I can do to make the 250 patch work with the 250SP? Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks Ben
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