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Found 2 results

  1. I’m programming memories on a Solution XL at the moment and am having an issue with movers. The issue is this: Head A and head B are involved in memory 1 (both are showing blue). For memory 2, head A is not needed (it’s intensity is recorded at 0) and head B remains unchanged. For memory 3, head B fades out and Head A is required at a new position (in blue). The problem is that as memory 2 becomes active, head A instantly changes to white (the ‘Home’ colour I guess), begins to fading to black and starts to move to the position required for memory 3. It’s being driven by ‘move on dark’ but it is moving before it is dark. I need head A to fade down in blue and then move once it is at zero. What am I doing wrong here?
  2. firstly I will explain my setup. the desk is set for basic tracking and I have smart tags enabled. For this problem I have set up a test using one moving light and 4 generics. If I record a basic cue stack of 5 cues. Cue 1 has the ML position at X0,Y0 colour white (7) and generic 1 up full (only ML , CNL 1 are @ 100%) Cue 2 has ML intensity taken down and Generics 2,3,4 add to full (only CNL 1,2,3,4 are @ 100%) Cue 3 has ML untouched and Generics 2,3 set to 0% (only CNL 1,4 are @ 100%) Cue 4 has ML untouched and Generics 1 set to 0% (only CNL 4 is @ 100%) Cue 5 has the ML position at X255,Y255 colour Blue (150) and generic 3 up full (only ML,CNL 3,4 is @ 100%) All works fine at this point. The moving head moves in dark and lights light when they should. If I inset a cue (3.5) using the ‘Cue Only’ option. Cue 3.5 has ML position at X100,Y100 colour Pink (14) all generics at 0% (only ML is @ 100%) This all works fine for the Generic channels and intensityof the ML. but the Moving head starts moving to the next position and colour (for cue 5) while it is fading down (from Cue 3.5). I have also tried adding the ‘Don’t Move’ Macros to the cues but they have no effect on the problem cues. Why has the move on dark stopped working at this point of the stack when inserting a ‘cue only’ step? How can I stop this from happening? Many thanks.
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