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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, trying to connect some MIDI equipment I' been wondering about the current support for MIDI. In the advertisement the FLX is promoted to have support for I can't find the setting to configure e.g. a playback to react to a specific MIDI note. But this is what the brochure (and other) promised, isn't it? Maybe you could help me to understand the support for MIDI the way it is is meant and / or show me how to configure it. Regards Jan
  2. Hi I'm looking into the possibility of driving our new FLX from my laptop via usb and a midi interface of some kind. For shows I use Multiplay which is a brilliant FREE show sound package and it has the option to control midi devices as it can send midi control codes. I would like to trigger the master go button via these codes. 1. Is this possible? 2. What usb to midi convertor would I need? Thanks in advance Chris Lucas Buckley Theatre Club
  3. hello forum, another and the last of three ORBXF related questions for today. can sb please explain to me, what exactly I can do with the midi-function on the ORBXF. I am interested in triggering cues or playbacks from a nearby computer via midi. greetings, ch.
  4. Hey, I'm trying to do a small light show and we've a frog 2 and a mac running qlab. In qlab the software does not detect an output patch: [1 - No Output Device]. Is software for the Frog required to be installed on the computer to be able to use the midi feature? This website would seem to suggest so for the 'miniStageConsole': http://www.chromakinetics.com/DMX/QLab_miniStageConsole.html If not, does the Frog need to be set up in a certain way? Thanks!
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