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Found 1 result

  1. Anyone experienced this? We have a Solution XL with the latest firmware. During the protracted programming sessions for big shows, we find that certain preset faders stop working. For simplicity, think of preset faders 1 to 5. Their collective mix is recorded down onto Submaster A and most of the programming of states is done using the submaster. At some point later I need to use some of the presets individually, however, presets 1 and 2 have stopped having any effect. There is no longer any change in the Outputs window for those channels when the faders are moved. Meanwhile, Submaster A is still working fine and having the desired effect on all five of those channels, including the ones that are controlled by the two preset faders that have stopped responding. In the patch screen, the two affected preset faders are still correctly assigned to the correct channels. The problem does not go away when the desk is switched off and then on again. The only remedy is to do a complete reset of the desk and load the program back in - then the preset faders begin working correctly again. This has happened while programming two separate shows in the last two months and affected different preset faders. The first time it happened, it seemed like a different preset would go out of action each day. I didn't have time to investigate on that occasion, so I just had to re-patch the required channels to different preset faders. This time I did have time to look further into it. But I'd really like this to stop happening any more. I can't pin down at what point the preset faders stopped working, but they were fine at the beginning and they were fine again after a full reset.
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