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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Group Not sure if anyone has asked this previously but here goes. Is there any online software, with simulation/ visualisation, that would would allow me to create a set of Scenes and Chases on my iMac (rather than having to set up my lights to see the results). and then upload that "Program" to the Obey 70?
  2. Dil

    Mambo Frog

    Hai, Im new for this product. please kindly help me how can i program mabo frog for using as a 24ch dimmer console with manual operation faders. address 1 -24ch Thanks Dil
  3. Fimiliar with most lighting desks/softwares, but specialized in Strand Lighting Palette Desks I've done a lot of small productions at schools, like Les Misérables, Rent, Abigail's Party. I've done bigger productions recently in Imperial Theatre in New York for Les Misérables. I've done courses in Lighting Design & Operation, Working at Heights, Harness Training, Fire Extinguisher Training. I'm based in Reading, Berkshire. I'll work in London & the South East. Surrounding areas, if need be. I'll only work over the weekends and advanced bookings. Mobile: 07909181751 (Drop me a text before ringing). Email: ryan.jwoods@hotmail.co.uk. I've just recently set up a company under the name Green Corner Services Ltd.
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