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Found 1 result

  1. Simonkbike

    Newbie questions

    Hi All, I know I can go to Zero88 support, but I thought posting here might help other newbies like me. Just to be clear, I'm newbie lighting tech for a village hall theatre group running 28 fixed lights (through Chilli dimmers) and a couple of LED par 64s controlled by a Solution desk. We do hire in Fixtures when there's a need. I've done the day course at Cwmbran (highly recommended) but there's quite a lot it, and the manual, doesn't cover. I'm finding it difficult to understand why & when (not just how) you'd use a feature and particularly how to best program our fixed lights. So here goes ... 1) Patching my LEDs, after I've done the first one, is there a quick way to copy a second fixture of the same type to another MFK or do I have to patch each fixture individually? 2) How can I create a Group of dimmers (I get an "All Dimmers" group from the Auto Menu but I want to group some of my dimmers - say the Cyc Floods - to control them as a unit) 3) My Panto (Jack & the Beanstalk) needs a lighting effect whenever the Giant is about to speak, all the stage lights (i.e the Cyc floods & some of the lights illuminating the stage, but not the profiles on the main characters) should "shudder" & then dim to, say 70%. What's the easiest way to create this shudder effect? (I'm thinking a chase, but I suspect I should be using palettes to apply a quick series of intensity changes to a group of dimmers? How do I do this, and how can I apply the same effect in another scene when my stage lights are at different intensities? Probably enough for now; I expect there will be more to come!. Not sure if this would be better split into separate posts. Simon

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