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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I recently bought four Cameo 60W Moving Heads. I have spent many hours trying to create my own fixture files for the Jester ML48 without success. Could anyone please help me? I attach the manual below. CLMHRGB60W_Cameo_EN_DE_FR_ES_PL_IT.pdf Sincerely J&J
  2. I have just bought an Illusion 500 but can't assign fixtures. Also the 6 fixture buttons are not labeled as if the desk was not designed to accept moving lights. I tried to update software to v1.8 but it didn't seem to run after loading. Puzzled, Linlithgow s/n 0034201 03440002
  3. Hi, I just bought two of these and a Jester ML for my school, does anyone have patch for this fixture? Many thanks! Dave
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