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Found 3 results

  1. Hello!! I'm about to lose the will to live and will most likely be crying myself to sleep tonight. Working on a show, I've had a lot of problems this evening programming. Show file is attached but on certain cues (4 thru 7) the move on dark isn't working unless I record the cue as "cue only" with no tracking. Also, I am using 2 x Mac 700 Profile which, in the most part, seem to be moving on dark as desired, however I am also using 2 x Robe 600 LED Wash which simply do not move on dark at all. Ever. Very frustrating and very confusing as I'm sure it's just me doing something wrong, but I don't recall having similar problems last year! Is it something to do with tracking or is it another issue? Tracking is set to basic if that is any use. Any assistance would be really appreciated. The show starts in less than a week and I am getting nowhere! Thanks Rob Sinbad the Sailor 12-02-22.isf
  2. Hi, I'm using a Fat Frog with 10.12. I've been having a play with Tracking [Mode=Partial, Tracking=On(--), Brightness=Channel] using two generics for a starter, before I complicate things by adding some fixtures. (I'm hoping to take the plunge and use tracking in our next show). I have successfully managed to track a chase initiated in an earlier cue, through later cues where the chasing channel is not tagged but other channels are tagged and are moving about. The chase keeps running until a later cue when the channels used by the chase are tagged (as a scene) and revert to a static state. All good. However I have been unable to track a long (scene) fade on one channel through subsequent (scene) cues that don't have that channel tagged, where I would expect it to track. (In this example, all memories are of type scene). CUE9 Ch1=FF, Ch2=00, time=3s/3s CUE10 Ch1=00, Ch2=00, time=3s/30s [initiate long fade down on Ch1.] CUE11 Ch1=TR, Ch2=FF, time=3s/3s [Ch1 is tracking (not tagged in this memory). I expect Ch1 to continue on 30s down fade and Ch2 to fade up in 3s] I GO on CUE9 and Ch1 fades up to FF in 3s, Ch2 is 00. I GO on CUE10 and Ch1 begins its 30s slow down fade. Ch2 stays at 00. All as expected. Before CUE10 has completed its 30s down fade (say 10s into the fade), I GO on CUE11. Ch2 fades up in 3s as expected. However Ch1 now fades out in the 3s down time of CUE11, even though it is tracking (not tagged) in CUE11. I would have expected Ch1 to continue on its 30s down fade. Ch1 is tracking in CUE11 so I would not expect CUE11's down fade time of 3s to affect Ch1. In each cue (memory), I can confirm using Preview that Ch1 and Ch2 are either tagged [grey] in that cue or tracking [magenta] as expected, so I'm happy that the tagging is correctly set for each channel in each memory (cue). However I see CUE11 stomp over Ch1's CUE10 fade time for tracked Ch1 as described above. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not supported or is this a bug? Thanks, Kevin
  3. Im Wondering if theres a Method of adding a Block or Stop to a cue, so that the desk doesnt track changes past that cue, Eg A Blackout. Thanks in Advance Cdexter
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