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  1. I have a number of random accessible ‘playback’ set up but can’t use them with the memory fader sent to max. I need access to flashes etc while running through a cue stack. I would be very greatful for any advise, please. Many thanks wildswan
  2. Jon, thanks for this. If I have one screen how many windows can I have open on simultaneously? And waht is the largest screen that Solution currently supports? Many thanks Wildswan
  3. We're just about to buy a Solution desk for an amateur theatre and would like to run twin screens so that we have can have several views onto our rig, cuelist etc. Please report if this is possible using the USB ports?
  4. Hi, my amateur theatre company is currently using a Zero88 twin preset desk but needs to invest in a desk with the additional specification: • supports intelligent fixtures • includes an offline editor • includes a remote handset facility The Solution series appears to fit the bill but Phantom does not look as useful as say the ETC one or Light Factory. I would like to hear of your views please for setting up a show and then editing it using Phantom. Many thanks Wildswan
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