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  1. This "trick" is great! used it to full effect this weekend. thanks for sharing it.
  2. This weekend I took our Leap out for its first gig and after some fiddling around somewhere in the proces i wasnt able to use the effects-part of the dest, besides this everytime i wanted to load something (eg a memorie) I was only able to load the effect pallete, but this was'nt created so i was unable to do or load anything otherwise. So i was forced to be creative and built a complete static look for the stage, which looked great by the way. clearing and so on, and even rebooting the desk had no effect.. Any clue what went wrong? i managed to save my ass, but it is not a thing i want to happen all the time
  3. Avid mambofrog user during "schuurfuiven" (don't know the right word in english; mostly parties in a tent with around 1000 visitors dancing to Faithless, the vengaboys, levellers and everything between) and with local bands (and the Kids; there will be no next time) unluckily i didn't manage to get a Fat frog in our local youthclub, they opted for martin LJ...Booohhhh!
  4. Well..that IS the problem..how do you get a chase to understand it has to go two times the beat....Well..that's for another softwareversion! But for now i'll go for the submasteridea..thanx so far.
  5. Well, yesterday hooked 2 atomics3000 onto our Mambo, and programmed everything I want to, except for one simple chase. How can i create an simple effect in which the strobes flash one time on every beat? I can't get it right, because when i set rate to high the strobe flashes more than once on beat, or otherwise doesn't strobes on time? There has to be a simple way to, but i can't find it..aargh..
  6. Bams

    THE GAME ?

    Well...As avid Mambo User i used THE game as an unique selling point when i was asked to help choosing between a Leapfrog, an SGM Studio25sc and a Maxim...the LD of the venue fell in love with the Zero88 at the point the game started ;-)
  7. I was wondering if its possible to tagg the parameters of rotation speed of a gobo (for example) to a fader for realtime editing rotationspeed? At this point we use a fade time so a rotation starts slow and speeds up, and this works fine, but realtime speeding up etc. would be great. regarding the LTP-hierarchy of the desk it sounds impossible, but a question doesn't hurt :-)
  8. Worst gig ever done...everyone without coffee after a load-in at 4 o'clock Worst gig far away.. A tour with a childrens'circus. rented the gear in the country we atended and travelled with a volvo 440 containing the crew, a hoog500 and tools..luckily the crew consisted out of me and a friend :-) when attending in Aarhus, denmark i asked the manager of the venue if it would be safe to park the car next to the venue for a few hours. "oh, no problem, Aarhus is a very safe place" But he forgot to mention the methadon-bus which came around every wednesday next to the venue. And wednesday it was...some junkies got the luck of their life..the hog was untouched but all my paperwork, money for a few days and some dutch-language cd's were missing.....damn.. most funny was the gig the day before PLASA..nearly missed the plane so i was stuck in the clothing which i was wearing for two days, soaked with sweat, beer and dirt...the roadies on the planed noticed and nod, the other people looked angry :-)
  9. Wow! great support..thnx a lot..now these old babies from denmark can have a well-deserved break on some smaller gigs in stead of just standing in the shed.
  10. The fixture i'm looking for is the 1220 II it seems, the R only stands for rotating gobo which propably is a name used for sales, to emphasise on the gobo. the real name is 1220 II when looking at martin service-site. double thanks...as i'm using an Apple Imac...;-)
  11. Hello there. Not that i'm lazy..but does anybody happens to have made a fixture setting for a martin roboscan 1220 IIR? the last of the non-dmx-versions, but dmx thru a converter? you would make me very happy with it.. Kind regards, Ralph den Ridder
  12. Yes, desk is in partial mode but at software version 8.x (that's another issue to be solved, the desk isn't accepting the new software)
  13. Hello, new to the the frog series, but after years on a Masterpiece 108 time to step to the next desk from over the channel; a Mambo this time. after 3 hours working with it, i'm in love with the desk..but in a good relationship sometimes questions arise... When i have a shape running under a submaster, and i use another submaster in solo-mode, all my SX-buttons are acting like the solo-submaster is LTP..rather awkward, because i'm used to program almost every parameter "loose" for as much flexibility as i want...what am i doing wrong or do i need to change my way of programming? kind regards, Ralph
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