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  1. Hi, thanks again for replying. the board is definitely in non tracking mode (or at least it says it is)...
  2. Hi, this is probably a really stupid question with a really obvious answer but ever since I have upgraded the software playback of memories is acting differently - i'm guessing because of the resetting of the desk. Before when playing back memories if i needed to 'add' an extra light or lights (because of actors moving out of position for example) using the faders I could do so but then this 'extra light' would automatically be taken out when I pressed GO to move on to the next memory. Now the lights that I have added stay on unless I manually bring the faders back down again. Can you tell me what mode or button I need to apply in order to turn this back on? thanks
  3. hi, wasn't on administrator privilages - all sorted. thanks for your help!
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. I'd already read that and followed those instructions but still no luck...
  5. Hi, I've been trying to upgrade the operating system on our solution desk for the last couple of days but whenever I try to boot up from a USB stick i just get a message in the lower left corner of the monitor saying 'Missing Operating system'. I've tried with the official zero88 usb and with another usb stick following the instructions to the letter but am having no joy. All I really want to do is update the fixture library so I can use the new lights that i've hired but can't unless i've update the OS first.... Any ideas? cheers
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