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  1. Just a quick update, I'm two weeks into the tour and the Frog is ribbitting along happily - updating my shows has been a snap. Wanted to thank everyone for their help in getting me rolling!
  2. This simply means that when you're building a memory involving a fixture, you have to select ("tag") that fixture when building that memory. And I quote, from 4-5: ================= To manually tag a fixture, press and hold down the FIXTURE SELECTION button for approx. 1 second. The yellow light in the button changes to flashing when the fixture is tagged. To untag a tagged fixture, press and hold down the FIXTURE SELECTION button for approx. 1 second. The yellow light in the button stops flashing when the fixture is untagged.
  3. Hi folks, Do I read correctly that v10.x now allows paletting of individual beamshape attributes by channel, where v9.x did not allow this? If this is true, is it possible in v10.x to overlay one beamshape palette on top of another? Idea being to split up my palettes into gobo-only, rotate-only, prism-only and so on, and then overlay them as needed? This has been one of my biggest complaints with the Frog up till now, if that change has been made then busking just got a whole lot easier! Thanks!
  4. The reason I'm taking a Frog on this gig is my rental is from Christie Lites, whose line of consoles with moving light control is: 1. Fat Frog 2. MA Lite 3. Grand MA Did look into renting the MA Lite instead, or cross-renting a Hog1K/Hog2, but the budget for the tour dictated that I'm taking a Frog. Long as we're on the topic, does anyone in Canada rent Frog2s?
  5. It does make sense, and may have to be the way I go with this. Otherwise, it's looking more and more like it's time to call the rental rep and figure out some way to replace the Frog with a Hog1000 or an MA Light. Thanks again for your help - time to go hop on the board at the shop for a day or two, and see if I can bring this together in a way that's going to work. Edit: This looks more and more like the way to get it done. It's a whole lot less comfortable than the Hog or MA approach, but that's par for the course. It occurs to me that if I'm only running the movers off the Frog, I can use the Master Fader in place of a Brightness submaster.
  6. All of this is making brilliant sense so far, thank you. ...hmm. This could be troublesome, but again, logic suggests there must be a reasonably simple workaround. On the Hog, I'd simply create one cuelist for each song, allowing me to playback all the movers for each song using my "brightness" fader and the Step button on my cuelist fader. It sounds like there are three options to achieve this on the Frog, I wonder if you could check my logic? (A) create each cue on a seperate submaster and trigger each one individually, thus limiting me to 20x12 cues for the whole show ( create a cue stack on one submaster per page, thus limiting me to a total of 20 cue stacks that I can step through (and thus 20 songs I can program specifically) or © would it be possible to trigger the steps through a cue stack by flicking the submaster fader past the trigger point (usually 5%)? This seems like a long shot, but not entirely illogical? Or is there another method that I'm missing? We're looking at a setlist of 18-24 songs a night, and it would make life considerably simpler to be able to create a cuelist for each song.
  7. Okay, maybe a silly question. Most of my rock and roll experience is from the Whole Hog side of the world, but it means I've got my head stuck in the Hog method of programming movers. Most of my Frog experience is corporate events with a whole bunch of single-scene looks and effects, so maybe I'm going about this all wrong, can anyone check my logic? WHEN USING THE HOG... ...especially for bands with a range of musical dynamics from soft to loud (like the one I'm touring with next month), I find it very useful to store the first submaster on each page as a "brightness-only" fader, and then to store all the rest of my cuelists like so: FADER 1 - Mac250 Brightness FADER 2 - Cuelist of Mac250 Positions FADER 3 - Cuelist of Mac250 Effects FADER 4+ - Conventional Groups etc... With Colour and Beamshape specified directly from palettes on the fly. This gives me a whole lot of flexibility to custom-build my looks through any combination of attributes (IE, build the look or start the cue with the movers blacked out, then fade up the brightness to the desired level). WHEN USING THE FROG... ...this is not going to be at all possible, even in Partial Mode, is it? Am I correct that with the Frog, every step of every mover look and cuelist I build will have the brightness pre-built into it? Is there no way to seperate the brightness for the movers from the rest of their attributes, onto a seperate submaster? I can absolutely work around this if so, it just means a different way of approaching programming *before* I start building a 20-page show. Thanks again for all your input, it's been really helpful to get a 'gut check' from more experienced Frog trainers...
  8. Does mean I need to store all my positions *and* my effects in those 24 position palettes though, doesn't it?
  9. ^ I knew this was the right place to ask... *grin* The approach you describe does mean I need to stick to 24 positions for the whole show, doesn't it? That's entirely doable, just making sure I've got this straight...
  10. Hey folks, I've had enough experience doing local one-offs with a Fat Frog to feel comfortable taking one out on the road for my first rock tour as LD. Just curious if anyone has any words of wisdom to offer when touring with a Frog? Normally when I do rock and roll on the Frog it's in the same venue every time, and I'm busking on music I'm not familiar with. In this case I have the opportunity to write a whole show to fit the music, so I would especially love any advice on how to build my show so as to simplify the process of updating positions for each venue? I have visions of 2 hours every day updating every position +effect for 20 songs, surely there's an easier way? Thanks in advance! BTW, I'm working with each venue's house rig for stage wash, plus my four Mac250 Entours on the stage for movers. Mostly I'm looking at programming for the 250s, for what that's worth.
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