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  1. Hi I've been trying to fix this Leapfrog with no luck. V10.12.1 OS It boots up no problem, the leds on the dmx out are lit, everything appears to work, but no control out of the dmx. I even tried swapping the dmx board from a fat frog, it works on the fatfrog, but it's dmx doesn't on the leapfrog,I swapped them back after, as I know they aren't exactly the same. I tried cleaning the contacts on the memory card. Thanks Paul
  2. The battery is still holding full charge, and tried another supply. Thank you Paul
  3. Hi I'm a repair tech at a company that sets up concerts, events etc. I see some posts kind of similar, but not quite. Our Fat Frog lights up briefly & won't start, no lcd display, intermittently. I plug it in, all the leds and lights flash on briefly, then go off. Most of the time it will work. One time it got stuck loading at 44% and froze. V.10.12.1 I tried tightening all the connectors, and cleaning the contacts on the memory cards, Since it is so random, I don't know if it helped yet, but any feedback would be appreciated Thank you Paul
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