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  1. jayartibee

    driving a smoker with a jester

    I've copied this over from Blue Room as there's not much response there. I am trying to control a JEM smoker using the auxiliary function of a new Jester 24/48. I have very little experience of DMX. The setup is this - the Jester is connected to a new Demux which has four analogue DIN cables to four analogue Betapacks. This is what I have done so far: The smoker is working fine using the test button Jester DMX patch is ex-factory, I.e. ch 1-24 = DMX 1 -24 The Zero88 Demux is with ex-factory settings. Connected the smoker to DMX Out on the Demux In Super User, I have gone into Aux setup, pressed Preset A Flash Button on Channel 24, and set it as an Aux Flash. On the JEM DMX controller I have set the dip switch to 000110000 (=24) Back in Run mode on the Jester, I have tried holding down <Shift> and Flash button 24 and nothing happens... UPDATE: Got the smoker working fine with the slider which of course gives smoke volume control. Button still doesn't work. I don't think I understand this Auxiliary business. Seems pointless - and doesn't work anyway.
  2. jayartibee

    24 - 48

    What I'm being very dense about is that it seems to be permanently in Wide mode when Programming. I can't put both presets into '1-24' I've only been practising blind, with no dimmers attached yet. What will the B presets do in Program mode with only four betapacks? Sorry to be so thick
  3. jayartibee

    nuclear launch prevention

    The Blackout button is quite vulnerable, in the gloom, whilst reaching hastily for the Fade Time knob. Has anyone found a nice Missile Launch cover which would hinge over it, and prevent DBO embarrassments?
  4. Hello all- I have no experience of DMX. I have bought a Jester 24/48 and a Demux 24. I have 4 x 6 analogue Betapacks which will obviously be connected by Din to the four Demux sockets. Can anybody take me through the procedure whereby I can get the desk to control the 24 dimmer channels? I am assuming it won't work 'out of the box'...
  5. jayartibee

    24 - 48

    So normally I would set up states on the old Sirius on one of the B presets. Which preset do I use to set up a memory state on a Jester?
  6. jayartibee

    24 - 48

    As I'm an ex Sirius 24 chap, I'm confused by one thing. Using a Jester 24/48 with just 24 dimmer channels, is there a way of showing just 24 outputs on the monitor? I'm getting confused - is output 48 simply sent to dimmer channel 24 and so on (as well as output 24) ?

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