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  1. You could try parking your house lights channel instead of having it on a fader. I'm not entirely sure but it shouldn't record parked levels (other desks work like this). You can set up one of the UDKs as a park button then set its shift function to unpark. Then just use the syn tax to set your level and hit park. Are you programming in tracking or non tracking?
  2. Will there be options in later updates for screen space customisation?
  3. Interesting! Looking forward to seeing what other changes have been made.
  4. How do I go about updating a cue in a cue list which is made entirely of auto cues, I can't get to the one cue I need to update because, well it just runs through the cue list automatically. Is there a way to load the cue into the programmer, I know you can pause the main stack but this isn't helpful because unless you get it just right it'll pause mid way through a fade time.
  5. AshA101

    Manual fade times

    Alternatively the programmer time is also accessible if you push the 'Z' button it should be on the last encoder, push the button in the middle of the encoder to activate the programmer time.
  6. Hello, At work we've got the Jester ML 48, we've seen that it has a MIDI input port and we're trying to figure out if we can go, MIDI to USB cable, from the desk into a computer. So effectively using the software on the computer to control our light rig then have the jester to connect to the DMX and be used as physical faders for the software. Anyone had any experience with this and if it works? Cheers.
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