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  1. Hi, I've watched some of the training videos you're streaming and, although naturally based on the FLX board, they will be useful to us Solution users too. Most of the time it's fairly to translate to Solution but there must be some command or syntax that's less obvious or impossible. It would be helpful to have a translation grid of which FLX commands work on Solution desk ( & maybe other models) and which don't, and how to convert instructions from FLX to Solution. Cheers Simon
  2. Hi, Trying to find or create a fixture file for some generic RGBW moving head fixtures for use with Solution desk running 7.9.4 ZeroOS. I have looked at Stagg MHB-HH20 which is nearly the same, containing pan, tilt, RGBW colours and in 9CH and 14Ch modes as is my unit. Struggling with the Fixture Editor assigning my "Master Dimmer" parameter to a fader. In my manual, the "Brightness" channel is split into three DMX address sub-sections : 0-7 = OFF 8-134 = Master Dimmer 135-239 = Strobe 240-255 = Open I seem to recall there's a way to assign the sub-addresses 8
  3. Hm. Not how it seemed to be working for me but I was using a showfile from the old version of Solution 7.1? With the Master fader up and a Master Playback cue active, fading up Playback 1 had no effect (even though light X had value 0 under Master playback and value 100 under Playback 1). Fading down the Master Playback effectively cross-faded between the Master Cue and Playback one. I tried deleting the old showfile and building a new one from scratch and this time it worked as you describe, so I think this may be something about the old showfile with new software. I've recorded this
  4. So it's Panto time and I'm back on the Solution desk after 12 months off, freshly upgraded to 7.9.3, and trying to decipher my notes from the training day at Cwmbran. Questions likely to be coming from every rehearsal, starting with... How do I play in a sub-playback while I'm running a master playback? The Master fader must be up for master playback but down for sub-playback. Thanks in advance & Merry Christmas to all on here. Simon
  5. Evening, Location is a village hall, mainly traditional lanterns on 4 lighting bars, bank of Chilli dimmers (one=12x; one=24x; 1=4x), all controlled through a Solution desk. The 4 channel box provides a switched supply (no dimmer) to a socket at each bar; i.e. with a dmx signal >0, the power is on. I don't have access to the original installation specs but it was circa 2010. Q1: I checked that the dimmer law is showing "normal" so can I assume that these are the "bypass switches" on the Chilli product range rather than dimmers? How else would I confirm this? The problem is that
  6. Hi All, I am hiring in 3 LED battens (Miltec EA8090 with up to 13 channels but the only spec I can find is from Viking hire here which may or may not apply). I thought I'd get ahead on PhantomZerOS and learn how to program some chases & other effects. I've read Jon's post on Pulse LED Block which helps but hit some snag for very inexperienced DMX programmer. Patching How do you patch the 4 RGB segments to MFKs and the intensity to a fader, if the unit expects all 13 channels to be contiguous? From the EA8090 spec, I think I need a control channel, then the 4 RGB segments -
  7. Thanks for swift replies. I can see now that : 1) is actually in the manual but I didn't read it well enough 2) isn't; so thanks to @ziglight for that 3) I get the gist of your suggestions but I'll need to play around with the desk to get the hang of it. I like @kgallen idea of grouping the "other" lights I'm going to dim for the "shudder" to a sub, which I can use to quickly create the chase. I'm the first lighting tech to program a show for our productions, my predecessor was doing it for 30 years and only ever used Subs and flew the board by the seat of his pants (with variable re
  8. Hi All, I know I can go to Zero88 support, but I thought posting here might help other newbies like me. Just to be clear, I'm newbie lighting tech for a village hall theatre group running 28 fixed lights (through Chilli dimmers) and a couple of LED par 64s controlled by a Solution desk. We do hire in Fixtures when there's a need. I've done the day course at Cwmbran (highly recommended) but there's quite a lot it, and the manual, doesn't cover. I'm finding it difficult to understand why & when (not just how) you'd use a feature and particularly how to best program our fixed lights.
  9. Sorry for not updating this, in case anyone else is searching the forum. The answer was as Jon suggested, the DMX addressing on one of the Chilli racks had been reset, so 2 racks were set to the same DMX channels. S.
  10. Any reason why my Solution can't find a fixture file on my USB stick? I adapted a fixture file to create one for a LEDJ Alu Par 64. Put it on the same USB stick I used to backup show files. When I try to load the file it doesn't show up. File attached. LEDJ DMX spec is at prolight.co.uk/images/media/LEDJ110/LEDJ110-um0.pdf Any suggestions? S, Sorry, not sure if this should be here or in Fixtures section. LEDJ ALU PAR 64.ift
  11. Hi Jon, Thanks for the swift reply. I found out this evening that the hall has been used by a pro group shooting a video so I'm beginning to suspect they've been mucking about with the addresses as you suggest. Had another read through the Chilli manual online (Page26) and I think I understand a bit more about setting the channel addresses (Top Menu >> DMX Controls >> Set DMX Patch). It doesn't specifically have "View" instructions - if I enter a channel number, will it show me what DMX address it is currently set to? Do I assume the channels are numbered top to bottom of
  12. Hi, Firstly, I'm a very newbie to this so go simply and slowly with any advice and excuse any wrong vocabulary. We have a Solution control desk linked to suite of Chilli dimmers (about 30 dimmers in 2 racks and a 3rd rack with straight switches). All our lights are old non-fixtures (mix of fresnels, Pars and spots) and the Chilli dimmers and their associated power circuits are all numbered so no confusion about connection between control fader >> chilli dimmer >> light. Setup has worked fine for a couple of years, certainly when I last used it for a production in January. So
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