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  1. I'd like to thank you for the info. I'm going to recoment to the owner that he follow the USB upgrade path outlined on the other thread. Floppys are just too unrelyable. Again, Thank You. Lampie
  2. I too am using a usb external floppy drive. The PC won't write to a floppy disk (1.44 HD) that came from the desk without reformatting it first. I tried formatting it as FAT, and 16, 32, 64, 512, and default bit, but the Frog came up with "no disk in drive" every time. Please tell me more about your conversion to USB. It may be my best solution. Thank You.
  3. I've got 2 Fat Frogs, running 10.9.1, with badly outdated fixture libraries. I've downloaded the filtered .ift file, but it's still to large for a 1.44 floppy. I have the tools to create smaller .ift and .cft files, but the floppy system itself is stopping me. A disk formatted by the desk is FAT12. My PC wont' read FAT12. If I have the PC format the disk, the Frog won't see or read it. My Mac will see and read/write the FAT12 format. When I format using the Frog, create the file on the PC, and load it onto the disk using the Mac (yea, I hear ya), the desk will see the disk but not the file when looking for .cft files, and won't see the disk at all when looking for .ift files. I'm running out of ways to put this together. Help?
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