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  1. Hi, I have Chauvet Professional Vesuivo RGBA foggers that I would like to control the fog on a preset fader and the other 8 channels for the LEDs on a MFK. How do I create a fixture of this type? Thanks
  2. gdrlighting

    Zero 88 Fixture Library Release 26

    Jon, I had not thought of the USB floppy drives. Yes I have a lap top and no I don't drag my pc out on gigs! LOL! My last frog croked shortly after I installed an USB floppy emulator so I am not real eager to try that again! I have 3 Fat Frogs (2 working and 1 dead {croked}) and a Leap Frog so I was trying not to buy 3 more emulators or USB floppys! I just thought I would be a no brain 'er for the Zero 88 team to make this into 2 files. I guess I am thinking like an owner and think I see a smarter way to get things done that spending more of my hard earned money. I'll be the 1st to admit that I am computer stupid. I guess it is not so easy to make file 1 MFG's A-M, and file 2 MFG's N-Z?
  3. gdrlighting

    Zero 88 Fixture Library Release 26

    Hi Jon, Thanks, I have already done this. I work in many different venues, some having house lights that I have no idea what I'm getting into until I walk in the door. Would there be any way to split this file into 2 file so I could take them all with me? It's really hard to drag my PC with me out on gigs! I get the strangest looks when I ask if anyone has a PC with a floppy drive. LOL Thanks in advance.
  4. gdrlighting

    Zero 88 Fixture Library Release 26

    Hello, Call me stupid, but how do you get a 1.55MB file on to a 1.44MB flopy disk? Thanks in advance.

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