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  1. Hi, On our solution desk we have had a recurring problem since purchase where the 4th MFK display is not displaying anything, however it is being backlit. At first i believe it had been working, then a few weeks into use after installing the latest version of ZerOS and us noticing the problem we reloaded the desk back to the earlier version of ZerOS at the recommendation of the phone helpline (many thanks), which seemed to fix if temporarily but after a short while we noticed the problem again. There is also no confirmation if it was actually fixed by the software backdate, as non
  2. Hi, after buying a Solution desk is it possible to later buy the optional hardware upgrades and fit them yourself, or have it fitted. or does it need to be an entirely new board?
  3. Hi, thank you, i'm working with jonny on this project and that fixture file works perfectly. thank you for such a fast response!
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