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  1. Love the idea!! The other idea I had about pallets is to be able to transfer a pallet diectly to a sub instead of having to program a partial scean and transfere that.
  2. We plan to warn people on all the entrences that strobe effects are in use at whatever show it is we are doing. The strobes are only used as a effect every now and then for certain acts and we do not allways flash them at 15Hz we just wanted a controller that let us flash quicker than 5Hz
  3. Just in case anyone else stumbles across this by mistake. We have just spoken to anytroinics and they have confirmed the unit will not do the speed of strobing we require. if anyone is interested optronics make a unit that is controlled by DMX and will strobe a strobe pod at 15Hz
  4. spac

    THE GAME ?

    Thank you for those of you who have told me. I think the interest in the game is you look busy tapping away while looking at the monitor and people leave you alone where u look like your dossing playing games on your phone
  5. spac

    Speed On a fader

    Thank you, You have confirmed what I thought.
  6. Hi, I have been asked by lighting operates in my crew if its possible to program a chase so the speed increases as you increase the fader, I do agree with them that it could be quite useful for some of our chases. I have never come across this feature on desks I have used in the past and I have scratched my head and read the manual and come to the conclusions its not possible. I thought I would put it out here before i completely left the idea.
  7. spac

    THE GAME ?

    Could someone kindly PM me how to get the game up. Wold love something to do while acts are spending 20 mins getting to the stage
  8. Hello, A while ago we accumulated 7 strobe pods from our student union to be used on the number of events we run on campus. A few of us on the crew decided it would be a really good idea to have a dmx controller for these strobe pods. We purchased an Anytronics 16 Channel DMX Strobe Interface. what this controller does is allows us to flash the strobe pods individually but we cannot flash them quick enough using just a chase on the desk due to the global speed control all chases use. I have thought of writing a profile for them but cannot find how to write a strobe profile for the fat frog. I have also just considered using position pallets and having a shape generator change the value very quickly but I dont like this way as it would take up 3 intelligent channels for our 6 strobe pods. any advice, help or suggestions is welcome here
  9. I am in charge of the lighting for a live outdoors music festival at my university in the summer term. we are planning on using 6 scanners and I thought it would be nice to be able to make a smoke effect so that the beams of light can be seen. We will have a canopy over the stage. Has anyone ever tryed smoke effects outside before? Is a waste os money hireing in some hazers / fogg machines? does anyone have any ideas or techniques to making the effecrs work well outside?
  10. again compleate novice here. I curently use palets but would love to know if you can program them to subs, I.E push up the red sub and evrything changes to red
  11. I am a university student and often work on the live events that are organised by the union. We have to hire in all our lighting equipment, we have access to a fat frog. some people may be able to see the problem allready .... different equipment each time and limited time. Not the best combination to find time to pacth and fully program a desk. Thats why I would like to link the phamtom frog to a visualisation package as I can't get hold of the frog to sit at home and set up a show the weekend before it happens. Has anyone got the phantom frog to work with a visualisation package? If the answer is yes what package and was it hard to do?
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