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  1. Hi Jon, Sorry for the delay. I have tried again and using true works fine now. But delete sub 18 + 19 don't work syncs become red, same with delete sub 18 and 19 syncs become red Can you check? Regards Vincent
  2. Any Response Please ??????
  3. Hello, I have several submasters recorded; 1 true 10 and 18 true 24 and 39 for instance. If i delete 10 true 18 no problem, but if i try to delete 1 true 39 i get the fold that 19 don,t exist. If i try to delete 1 true 10 and or + 18 true 24 and 19 the syntax line become red. To me this this should be able to work like this ???? What is wrong here??? Records Vincent
  4. Hello, If have a Orb with Latest software. I put the dish fader mode into channel mode. open channel 1 true 10, press record sub 10. Now sub 10 is recorded but no Intensity of channel 1 true 10 is recorded. I have tried all different options but no result except snapshot but then the risk that al moving head go to there home position if i open this submaster. I hope i should be able to record just the intensity of channel 1 true 10 ??? Right ?? Records Vincent
  5. Vincent

    Update a cue

    Hi Jon, I did check and it is ZerOS So wat can be the problem?
  6. Vincent

    Update a cue

    Yes i think so i update 5wks ago
  7. Vincent

    Update a cue

    Hi John I run THE latest software
  8. Vincent

    Update a cue

    I like to add something, to my question, the strange thing is if i reopen de cue you see it is recorded, but to me this is not very nice in a live situation. So again is this normal or do do something wrong?
  9. I am running a cue and like to update this live lets say channel 5 is at 100%. I select ch 5 and bring it back to 80% now i press update and enter. after that i clear the programmer and ch 5 going back to 100%. What am i doing wrong ???
  10. I just recently run on the latest software,and i notice that i still can not update a group. I can record one give it a name and place it on a udk button. If for some reason i need to add channels i can not do this by selecting the channel and call update group (nr) enter. I only can record it and merge. The problem is worse if i need to take out a channel from the group this don't work either with update or record and merge, at least it don't work the way i suspect it should work. Of course if i record and replace it it works but then i lose the name and place in the Udk position, this means double work Is here a easy way fore????? Regards Vincent
  11. For sale a nearly used Orb XF We kan not get used to the software. If u are interested drop me a note Cheers.
  12. Hi Did you have a look at the video i send you by mail??? Any comments please? Regards Vincent
  13. Hi Jon Thanks for your reply. Regarding the last topic. I did make a small video from the jumping screen in de Setup/Edit Fixture/Alignment and then scrolling down. You can see as soon I want to make adjustment in the pan/tilt that the screen jumps back to the top. If scroll down the second time I can adjust by first select it by pressing than give enter than go back to push on yes or no I find this not very logic back and fort with your hand to the screen and back to the desk. Why not double press the touch screen to make active or make the arrow keys work on this Regards Vincent
  14. This is already listed as ZOS-2342 I've added this as ZOS-5717 When do you think these items are solved in the next firmware? If yes when do you think the update wil be avalible Hopefully this has been answered by Ian above Not complete because is is not an real solution to me, if the would be visable as selected in the touch screen it would be better Please could you expand on this a little more? What would you like to do? If i would re arance the pallet window for instance. or if i want to incert between the pallets. Let say i have made effect in 1 true 10 and i want a new created effect on nr 5 (just because it looks more towards nr4.) then i have to move 5 true 10 al sepertley insted move 5 true 10 at 6 and everthing wil move one space. This only happens if you touch / click in the blank area to the right, rather than touching / clicking on one of the data cells. The arrow keys also appear to be working fine for me. If this is still a problem, maybe you could create a video of this happening? No it also hapens when i click on the cell There are two cue stack windows available - one that's linked to a specific stack (VIEW STACK 1 ENTER) and one that will show the selected stack (SHIFT+CUE). By default you should see the one that shows the selected stack, but it sounds like you've viewing a specific cue stack. You can either to back to the default view (VIEW 0 ENTER) or you can open the window as described above. I have to try this.
  15. Hello, After the 7.8 update i hoped a few things where solved from 7.7 I can not change the time in more then one selected cue's I can not patch more the one dimmer the same time to a channel. I can not select more than one group at the same time even if the multiple button is selected. I can not select more than one pallet group, color to move. There is still something strange in the patch. If i like to edit a fixture, alignment. I go to setup, edit fixture, alignment. I scroll down to the fixture i want and press the touch screen at the fixture. Now the screen jumps back to the top and have to scroll down again to get it selected. Also the arrow up down left and right don't,t work here either. I find this very annoying to work with I would like if i play back or if i select a stack that it will be in the view automatic it will save so much time instead to press the syntactic view and to resize. Look how the WholeHog is doing these things. Is this possible to program this??? I hope to here some comment on these problems, please. Regards Vincent
  16. Hi Jon When i have the desk in tracking mode and switch between cue only i don't noticee a difference. The cue is stil in tracking mode in the play back Regards
  17. I just put the desk in Tracking mode and now i can update without the other sub master content. I find this strange ????
  18. Hi I think it has to do with HTP or LTP settings. In the stack setup you can choose Regards Vincent
  19. If i put the desk in the setup on Non tracking why is the quick button track not working if you want to switch in between? Regards Vincent
  20. I am working with a Zerro88 XF and like to know a way of update a submaster. I have submaster 10 on 100% Submaster 5 and 8 are on 60% I like to add channel 20 on 80% so i put this in the programmer and call update submaster 10 After this i see that the content of sub master 5 and 8 are also update in submaster 10 How can i only update the content that is in de programmer????
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