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  1. Thanks Jon! Yes I have done it before. /André
  2. Hi! I am in need for a fixturefile to Stairville AF-180 LED Fogger Co2. I have ml24 console. you can find the manual in the link below https://images5.static-thomann.de/pics/atg/atgdata/document/manual/334044_c_334044_v2_r2_en_online.pdf best regards André
  3. Graanaas

    Problems with Betapack3

    Hi! I have a problem with one of our betapack3. Only channel 1 works, the rest is dead.. I have tried to manual run the channels but it still don't work.. I have also tried to reset the dimmer by holding down up and down arrow, but no response.. What to do? /André
  4. Hi! I can not explain my gratitude! Thank you very much! Best Regards! André Grannas Have a good weekend!
  5. Hi! I badly need a fixturefile for our new LED BARS (I need a fixture for the 24ch option). It is Stairville Led Bar 240/8. Can you please make one for me, i have a Jester ML 24. Best Regards André Aka ADir Attached Files stairville 240 8 RGB LEDBAR 30.pdf
  6. Hi!! Thanks to you Mike The fixture work! (But I ran into another problem now) Correct me if I am wrong, There is some inbuild programs in the LED bars, (these on the video in link below) http://www.thomann.de/se/cat_videoblog~ncx.html?tab=play&vid=2031 I want those program to work on my light console. Is that possible? Best Regards André
  7. Hi!! Thanks for all of your help I will try the last instructions and then i recall back! Have a nice day!! Best Regards André
  8. Hi! I ran in to a problem. The consol indicate that there is "wrong file type" (when i try to update the fixture lib) Regards André
  9. Hi! As the topic sounds, I need a fixture file for Stairville LED BAR 240/8 RGB. This is the product http://www.thomann.de/se/stairville_led_bar_2408_rgb_dmx_30.htm In the latest Fixture update i only found for Stairville's other LED BARS. Best Regards

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