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    Jester ML newbie

    s ETC 7460A1250 Source 4 LED Zoom Lustr+ Lantern NO LENS Black 4 We have 4 of these lights. Which is the correct profile please? We have found about thirty now but don't know which one is the right one. The abbreviations are all Greek to us. They're all kind of S4+F+whatever....which one is the right one?


    This link is very good for those learning how to set dmx addresses. You might want to refer to it in your next training session. It would be good if zero88 had a series of straightforward videos like this people could reference.

    Jester ML newbie

    Hi I am in exactly the same position as the guy above (although even less able to work any kind of electronic equipment) and I was following all of the above up until you wrote "DMX address of the fixture (whatever DMX address that light is set to)" where is the DMX address of the fixture to be found please? I don't understand this part and where does it go? Also, I have some ETC lights which do not seem to be in my fixtures library. Please help if you can spare the time. Thanks Ian


    Also @Jon I also had this reply from someone else: "The LED's will depend on how they operate - if they are only a single channel of DMX as per a dimmer they will simply need addressing on the fixture to a channel number. If they use more than one channel they will, like the Chauvet's, need to be assigned a personality or 'profile' as the Jester calls it for no reason. These are selected from a fixture library and then assigned to one of the 20 available slots. You have to do all of this in setup before they will work, if the fixtures aren't assigned on the desk (And also the corresponding DMX address assigned on the actual Fixture) you won't be able to control them." You seem to be saying the same thing I think?


    @Jon Yes mate the desk was set up for us (@SS), but like I say there was something weird going on with the Colorados at the end of the rig. We turned the lights off at the switches and the board on and off to reset but they just would not seem espond to the board. So we reset completely and now because we didn't set the board up ourselves, we don't exactly know what to do to fix it. Yesterday, I sat with the manual and the board for a couple of hours, which enabled me to get the manuals on and the leds on the board itself functioning properly but nothing else yet. Do I need to update the library before going any further?


    HI I just bought the TL board for my school and there was something weird going on with the Colorados on the rig, which stayed on even when not activated, so we decided to reset the board and now the only thing working are the independent conventional profiles on individual dimmer packs. The rest of the lights are LEDS and none of them now respond to command. What do I need to do to get these lights working? Thanks. Hungry Horse

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