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  1. Dear Jon, Thank you so much for your quick reply. I think this service is a very strong point for zero88. I am going to try this setting later today. If you don't mind too much, I will use this topic for a different question on this wash. In the Position group in the desk there appear some movement effects like Ellipse that work straight away on our Macs. But they do nothing for the Phantoms. Is there a reasonable way to make this work? Thanks, regards R
  2. Hello guys, We recently obtained some used Showtec Phanton 250 CMY wash heads. I downloaded the fixture file from the library v.30. Unfortunately I did not succeed in using it to dim this fixture using our zero88 mambo frog console. So I have created an extra virtual dimmer channel and let it control the CMY colors. As you will probably know this does not do the trick. In fact this dimmer does not have any influence. So now I gather I might have to control the shutter using the virtual dimmer channel. However the shutter values are 0-99 for dimming and then strobe like effects
  3. Hello I just bought a used Mambo Frog and have spent some days getting to know it. Think I have come quite a long way as I am not a light guy myself. Now I have a fixture here that I have a problem with. It is a RGB LED Par from unknown make. It has six channels: red, green, blue and some beamshapes (strobe e.g.). I have configured a fixture file and loaded it. My problem is that there is no brightness control. So even with the master fader off the leds remain on. So I thought I will program the R, G and B attributes as Brightness controls, but only one brightness parameter is permitt
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