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  1. could someone please be able to help me and make a fixture profile for the ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX cheers in advance
  2. Hi Mike, Your a gentleman I don't get my new lights to Tuesday I will let you Known then how it goes Thanks for your help Sean
  3. Hi, Wondering if someone could help me and do a file for the american dj inno spot elite-15 channel am useless at using the fixture creator lol http://www.americandj.eu/en/inno-spot-elite.html Cheers, Sean
  4. Hi seen talk of touchscreens can they be used on a leapfrog 48 if so is it hard to setup and what screens are know to work on Cheers
  5. Hi Mike, Cheers thanks for that il try it out this evening and let you know how it goes cheers, Sean
  6. I need a fixture profile for a american dj inno color beam quad 7 asap! http://www.americandj.eu/default/inno-color-beam-quad-7.html/ I have it out on trial? Anyone have one? Running a Leap Frog 48, current version 7.7 of ZerOS
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