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  1. tompockets

    "magic sheets"

    ah right no worries, cheers for the update
  2. tompockets

    blackout disable

    thanks a lot, we can all manage to not be quite so clumsy until then
  3. tompockets

    blackout disable

    On the orb series consoles is there any way of disabling the blackout button during a show? *apologies for the misspelling of disable moderation post: title updated - no problems!
  4. tompockets

    "magic sheets"

    sorry, does this mean there are plans? just to clarify, cheers
  5. tompockets

    "magic sheets"

    okay, thanks jon
  6. tompockets

    "magic sheets"

    hi, I've noticed that in other consoles, in this case the ion, there is a magic sheets feature which allows you to draw your rig without using external CAD software, i wondered if this feature exists on the ORB_XF and if not are there plans to incorporate it into a future software update? thanks
  7. tompockets

    App For Windows Phone

    I'm using a HTC windows phone 8s and can't find the app in the store, is this because there isn't one? If not does anyone have a link to download it from?

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