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  1. Hey jon, thanks for the help. We tried it and it really solved the problem. We didnt use RGB colours for the mentioned scenes but some kind of quick colour where you just select the colour and not mixed them yourself. Mixing them solved the problem Greetings Marcel
  2. Hello, my theater-team and me are struggling with a problem. We are using the Orb XF desk and are trying to achieve a nice color-changing between two scenes. We want to use our 4 recently new bought JB led A8 washer. Most things work great but there is one, kind of basic effect we couldn't really achive. We want to use the washers to create a nice color scene on the stage and change it with an up and downfade to the next color scene. We can create a color-change when using only 2 washers for each color. So two fade down while the others fade up. That works nice. But we are thinking about using all the washers for one scene and then they should change >all together< to the next scene without lowering the intensity completely down. And we only want the Washers to change directly to the next colors without skipping through the other colors. There should always be light on the stage and no darkness. Is that even possible or is the only possiblity to split the washers in pair of twos and use them in different cue-steps. Thanks for the help Marcel
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