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  1. Hi Jon, Gave the personality a try today with the changes you advised and I'm pleased to say it is all working perfectly! Thank you so much for your help! Sam
  2. Many thanks Jon, I'll make the changes and give it a go tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
  3. Hi Jon, Here is a link to the ift file I made. Hope that is okay. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21333230/Performer%2036.ift Also here is a link to the online manual that contains the DMX chart on the last few pages if that helps you identify the problem. https://prolight.co.uk/images//media/LEDJ251/LEDJ251-um0.pdf?ProlightConcepts=xdigwvqnyhx
  4. Hi there, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. It's my first time on here. I run the lights at my college for the various events that go on throughout the year. We recently obtained two lovely ledj performer 36 rgb LED lights. Only problem is there isn't a pre-made personality in the library provided by Zero 88, and I've had a go at writing my own but it didn't work. If anyone has a personality for this light that works with a fat frog desk, or is able to give me a hand with creating one that would be very much appreciated. Many thanks Sam
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