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  1. Hello Jon I myself have contacted Martin. We have had a number of back and forth emails regarding this topic, but none of his suggestions have made any difference. I asked Martin to send me a small show file that was proven to work as I desire, but he was unable to, hence my post here. If I could get a small show file that uses the procedure I have outlined below, I may be able to use it as a template. regards Ray
  2. Good Morning All Software: Lightfactory 2.12 Build 260 Hardware: Enttec DMX USB Pro MkII OS: Windows 8 We are currently trialling the Lightfactory software for use at our university, prior to purchasing a license The main fucntion we require is the ability to trigger any of cues/cue lists/shortcuts etc. from an ascii command via the RS232 serial port (ascii command comes from another computer running a movie clip). The user manual claims the following: quote "ChilliNet The ChilliNet interface provides the ability to send and receive ChilliNet messages over a standard RS232 connection" For more information about ChilliNet please visit: www.zero88.com" This is about as much information that is available in the manual. unquote I was given the ascii command @LF01, as an example to trigger a shortcut within LF, but have been unable to get this to work. I have checked all the correct port settings etc., chillinet enabled and so on. Could somebody who has had success with this process advise how to go about setting up this procedure or even better send me a simple show file that is tested and known to work. Even a direction to somewhere I can ask for assistance (already tried Dream Solutions....without getting a solution) Any help would be highly appreciated Thanks and best regards Ray p.s. sorry if I posted this in the wrong subforum...the moderator might like to move it to a more appropriate one)
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