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  1. sbo

    Betapack 3 and LED Lamps

    Hi Edward, thanks for your help. Soenke
  2. Hello, I like to switch my installation to LED Lights by replacing the former light bulbs with this LEDKIA Lamp: CY-BLF-T30-6N. https://www.ledkia.com/uk/buy-filament-e27-led-bulbs/3133-t30-l-e27-6w-led-filament-bulb.html In the described data it is written that the light bulp is dimmable by a triac. As far as I understand the Betapack three uses a triac. I asked the guys from LEDKIA if the lamp can be dimmed by a leading edge dimmer, but they only answered that I have to use their dimmer. Do you think it could work? Another thing is, in the manual it is stated that the load has to be between 0.1 to 10A. In Germany that woul lead to minimum power of the lamp of 23Watt. When I attach a lamp with 23Watt is it still dimmable? Thanks for your help! Regards Soenke
  3. Hello, I am planning to use a betapack3 in the hardwired version in our church. To reduce the cable effort my question is: Is it possible to use one neutral output for two channels, or is it necessary for each channel to have its own neutral output? Thanks in advance for your support! Regards, Soenke
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