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  1. Lightmaster

    Chauvet intimidator hybrid 140sr

    That's great Many thanks
  2. Lightmaster

    Chauvet intimidator hybrid 140sr

    Hi Does anyone have a profile for the fixture Thanks D
  3. Lightmaster

    Fixture Request

    Many Thanks Jon D
  4. Lightmaster

    Fixture Request

    Can anyone help me out with a profile for the Elumen8 Beam1RE http://www.prolight.co.uk/ftp-in/ELUM015_Manual.pdf Many Thanks DAG Orb XF
  5. Lightmaster

    Effects Speed

    Hi Been setting up my Orb XF to busk some band night type shows. So on my movers I've been recording colours position and effects on different sub masters Is there a way to either set the sub master to increase the speed of the effect as you raise the value or to set an effects sped master? Many thanks D
  6. Lightmaster


    Hi Using a Solution for the first time in a venue with all LED fixtures On my Orb I can happily record from submasters after setting up various scenes but I seem unable to do this on the venues Solution Any thoughts D
  7. Lightmaster

    Fixture Profile

    Many thanks for that D
  8. Lightmaster

    Fixture Profile

    Hi Does anyone have a fixture profile for an LEDJ Performer 18 mk2 It's a RGBWAUV fixture Not very good at creating fixtures yet Thanks in advance D
  9. Lightmaster

    Cue stack playback

    Jon Thanks for your reply I was aware of this but it doesn't answer my question What I'm trying to achieve is this for example. Stack 1 par can chase stack 2 moving head chase. Stack 3 colour wash chase When I set this up if I trigger the chase on stack 1 and then Stack 2 then stack 1 stops outputting When I first got my Orb I'm sure I managed to get both running at the same time, but can't get it to work now. I'm sure it's got something to do with the way I'm recording the chase, hope you can help D
  10. Lightmaster


    Thanks Jon I'll give it a try David
  11. Lightmaster


    Hi I was wondering if its possible to fan effects Here's what I'm trying to achieve. I have a linen of movers fanned across the front of the stage and I want to " ripple" a tilt across them. I thought if I chose vertical line from the effects menu I could some how fan this across the fixtures What's the easiest way to do this Thanks
  12. Lightmaster

    Cue stack playback

    Hi Can any one tell me how to play back multiple cue stacks on an Orb XF I have set up a selection of chases for different fixtures on different stacks but cannot output more than one at any time The manual explains that you select a ll the sticks using a button above the cue stack but the XF doesn't have this Thanks D
  13. Lightmaster

    Chauvet Colorband Pix Mini

    I'll have a look Thanks Mike
  14. Hi I was wondering if anyone has a fixture profile for the Chauvet COLORband pix mini Haven't had much success writing my own files and I need this in a bit of a hurry Many Thanks David Sorry For OrbXF

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