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  1. vivo1111

    Firmware 7.8.4 for solution

    Thank you - i didn`t saw it in previous version. So i go back and be camled down.
  2. Hello, who have the old firmware version for solution 7.8.* in .exe or .zip? I don`t want the new version 7.92, it is to difficult for us. Please send it to vivo1111@freenet.de -thanks together. The manufacturer zero could also continue on his homepage.
  3. vivo1111

    Solution getting slow under 7.8

    Thank you - then I will have to continue to wait. Perhaps there is a Christmas present....-)
  4. vivo1111

    Solution getting slow under 7.8

    Hay together, what's the update from 7.8 to 7.8.1? is the solution back faster? greetz willi
  5. Hi Sven, I have the solution just purchased through a dealer. However, it has a defect and which is now clarified actuarially. I wanted to advance information because I do not know the console. Can you help me?
  6. Ok, ist this the place for pn. i don`t know -it calls quote ...no sorry. next try i look Hello Sven, i don`t find where i can do an pn for you. mail me at vivo1111@freenet.de. Thanks for helping.
  7. Hello, i`m Willi from South Germany. I got a solution yesterday without anything. I`m new in this console and my english is not so good. I need a german manual for the solution 48. I take all in german, maybe in english too. Thanks for helping. vivo go

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