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  1. It's ok i change "flash" to "go" with "setup + go"
  2. hello, with the update of the XL solution the "go" button does not work on my master playback!
  3. Ok thank you, it works my console is updated
  4. Hello. I have 2 consoles zero 88 (1 XL solution and 1 FLX S 24). I wanted to update my consoles. For the solution XL all work well. For the FLX S24 it does not recognize the stick usb. Here is how I own: 1 Turn off the console 2 I put the stick USB in the rear 3 I turn on the console. How to update my console knowing that in the new version there is the home button that would be very useful for me? Sorry for my english of google translation!
  5. Hello When is expected version 7.9.5? I am very interested.
  6. a date for the future firmware update?
  7. Hi, How to set values of PAN, TILT, shutter by defalut.Before there is the menu Alignment. On the FLX S24 there is no menu HOME! thanks.
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