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  1. Am really interested to know what I'm dong wrong here. Fat frog OS 10.12.1 Latest fixture library (25) Downloaded from website, extracted zip and copied gtf25_00_filtered to a reformatted floppy. Assign fixtures>assign from disk Go to Robe and can only see about 30 fixtures there. No where near the amount listed in the txt file.
  2. I have the same issue. Downloaded the latest fixture lib today. Loaded up the disc and went to assign fixture from disc. Could only see 30/40 robe fixtures. Really need a profile for robe robin 100 led beam. Nothing else. Am supposed to be programming tomorrow for a festival next week. We are hiring the fixtures in so I'm a bit worried about making my own profile as there won't be any time for testing and troubleshooting any issues if I don't get the profile right first time. I'll check the os version. But I thinks it is up to date. I'll also try reformatting the floppy and recopying the fix lib across to see if that helps. The desk is a fat fog. Been a user for 5 or so years so I'm fairly certain I'm not doing anything wrong in loading the fixtures in.
  3. Hi There, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, please move it if so. I've downloaded Fixture lib 25 and am trying to find the profile for Robe Robin 100 beams. They are on the txt file that is stored in the Zip file. but i cant find them when assigning fixtures from disk on the desk. Can anyone help me out here? Desk is Fat frog, with latest os (i think)
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