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  1. It looks much better now... I cannot understand how this happend, but it works now. Thank you
  2. Dear all, we have a strange problem with our Fat Frog console: after a few months we tried to start it up (with new backup battery). The LEDs below the channels 1-12 are all on. If we move up Fader No.1, channels 1 - 8 raise to 78% and channels 13 - 20 raise up to 62%. Faders 13 and onwards work proper. The circuit board of the channel faders we changed against each other already, but this didn't solve the problem. Another thing I found when I opened the console is that at the blue code switch on the circuit board (channel 1 - 12) all switches are off. On the second board the first two switches are on. Maybe someone can tell me the right settings or has another solution for this problem. best regards Martin sorry about my English, it's a long time ago when I was at school
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