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  1. John, did you had the official 7.9.2 on your desk at PLS or do you had a newer beta on it?
  2. Anybody who can help me? It's the way I have created my shows in former versions and now it seems it doesn't work anymore with playbacks instead of submasters. Do I really have to unload my playbacks with clear + submaster button to stop the paramters recorderd in it? Another helpfull tool would be, if I can use unneeded flash buttons of channel faders as executor buttons. Perhaps they would have pages switching with the playback pages. So I could define a bunch of channel flash buttons as executor buttons. Or additional playbacks, which would be very usefull on Solution48 desks.
  3. I've mentioned the same issues in recording palettes in 7.9.2 If I want to record palettes on page 2 an following, i will be asked for overwriting palettes on page 1. Seems the software don't recognize it isn't on page 1 yet.
  4. I took the official 7.9.2 version. In 7.8 i.e. i can record an effect on a submaster and only if i move the fader over 5% the effect starts. If i put the fader down to 0 it stops. With the flash button in latch mode i can switch it on and off. Thats how i like to use the new cuestack on a playback fader, switch effect or parameters on and off with the fader, changing the cuenumber with the flash button.
  5. Hey Guys, I'm having some trouble creating a show with the new OS. I'd like to store parameters in a playback cuestack. i.e. zoom levels of a LED Washlight or different positions or colors. Its no proplem to record it in a cuestack on a playback, but i like to use it in the now described way. If I move the fader over a trigger level, the cuestack is activated, if i press the flash (GO) button, the next cue will be present (regardless if the fader is above or under the trigger level). And if I move the fader under the trigger level, the cue has to be off. If another playback is ativated, i.e. a fix scene, all paremeters shall be going back to that. I've tested many different settings to find out, what the new options in setup + go button mean or how they will work, but I have no idea. If I record some effects on a playback, once activated, the effect will run as long as I'll delete that playback. I can change the effects with the go button, but It wont stop if I move the fader to zero. I think the fader will have no effect (fader is in control effect mode). The same at colors or beamshape parameters. If I move the fader to zero, the latest loaded cue when fader was zero will be loaded, by moving the fader the current loaded cue will be activated. If its the same as loaded in zero, i have to push the go button to see next cue. Whats wrong in my way creating a show? I would like to store seperate parameters in playbacks so i can use them without loading palettes in programmer.
  6. Hello Guys, I'm searching for a fixture file for the Expolite TourWash 76 Compact cm+w There is one mode of the tourwash Power rgbwa zoom in the latest library which is working. But i like to use the extended modes as well. Did somebody created allready this fixture file?
  7. Does the software also creates a reference link if i copy a memory to a submaster? And why do I can't copy a submaster chase to a memory?
  8. It still seems to be a bug. Tried to copy it and it can't be copied.
  9. Hello, I need a fixture file for a GENI LED Moving Head. I have tried to create one by myself, but I think I'm not good in it and the lamp doesn't work like it usually would. Did somebody allready created a working fixture file for this lamp? 16 Bit is needed. Thanks. Sven
  10. Hi, When the new Software will be released and will it support the LG T1910?
  11. ok. please tell me if this issue can be fixed until the end of the week. otherwise i have to send this touchscreen back and buy another one.
  12. Hey Mike, thank you for your reply. First I updated the Solution to Version 7.7.0 today. But I was suprised that the console didn't accept the included Zero 88 USB Stick at booting the Firmware installation. I had to use another Stick. In the Software updating manual is written I should use the included Stick. But the new Software update didn't fix my problems with my Touchscreen. It still didn't work. Next I have tried your advices. I've attached you a screenshot of the System Information. Then I went into Input Capture, but there were only my USB Mouse an 3 Buttons to choose in the dropdown list. No Touchscreen available. So I think there is no driver for it included in the current Solution Software. What's next?
  13. Hello. I've bought a LG T1910 Touchscreen for a Solution XL Desk because the Info for Compatible External Touch Screens - ZerOS Consoles says Currently assumed working: LG Touch (all). But it doesn't work. In the System Info it is detected as USB Touch Panel. But it can't be callibrated and no touch input is working. I have to get the Monitor working until the end oft the next week or I have to buy another one. It would be nice if you can tell me how much the chance is to use the LG Touchscreen with the Solution XL. Best regards. Fensch
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