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  1. never mind i figured it out... just have to have the brightness wheel down to zero when programming..
  2. ok i set up the desk in partial mode, v 10 super user, program mode set to channel.. now i start to program a chase with the intels..i can select and deselect parameters to use for the 1st step, program it, then go to the 2nd step and i cant select or deselect any of the parameters?? Is it just me? or is it the desk? thanks in advance..
  3. now is that brightness you are referring to using the brightness button or the parameter of the light itself by using the shutter wheel? right now as far as i can tell you cant use the brightness button to make individual lights have different brightnesses using the brightness button on the frog board..
  4. i am going to upgrade to vers 10, and do it with the wheels... I figured that was all there was to it. Just wanted to make sure is all.. Thanks for the info. .......... i cant just use the brightness button to and then use the wheels to do the chase? i have 4 518 martins and 2 robe spot 250s. Without having the lights in front of me, i am doing this on the fly..should be easy enough to make the chase and then putting it on a submaster without having a light hooked up?? Wish there was some kind of visualizer made for the frog board..that would be the cats ass! sorry back to topic now .......... took me a while to get the hang of doing it without the lights in front of me but i got it now thanks again..
  5. wow this is cool, i didnt know this, i will try this at my show tonight!! this would save me tons of time!! pays to read the posts i guess eh?
  6. Hey guys long time lurker here.. I have a question, if i have say 4 intelligent fixtures, and i want to chase the brightness on them how would i go about doing that? For example i want em all dark all the time then chase the brightness on fixture 1, then to 2 then to 3 and so on.. so the beams look like they are chasing.. We have ver. 9.4 and since need to upgrade to 10.4.. do we need 10.4 to accomplish this?
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