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  1. Hello Jan,


    Actually, I'd love to, but I'm from Tokyo, Japan. I cannot afford a trip abroad, unfortunately.

    It is ideal that Zero88 will hold workshops in Japan but I bet there will be few chances.

    So I really need a help from all of you as there is no one who I can rely on!




    Tyler here - I look after the Asian countries for Zero88.

    If you can email me direct on tylerholpin@eaton.com we will see what we can do.

    I have a very strong distributor in Japan that I can introduce you too.




  2. Hello Lufferov,


    Once you have set up the look you want, and pressed "Record", before you chose the location you want to record to if you look on the "Record Window" you will see an option to record just Tagged parameters (which separates out the parameters to only record the one relevant to that attribute) or you can select "All Parameters".


    By selecting "All Parameters" you will see once the pallet is recorded that you have "ICBPE" in the pallet. This means that "Intensity", "Color", "Beamshape", "Position", and "Effect" have all been recorded in the same pallet.


    Hope this answers your questions,



  3. Hello Youri,


    Thanks for your post.


    I will log your "move" request with Jon when he returns to the office and ask for his comments to be added to this thread.


    The "Update" and then pressing the touch screen is a valid command in our latest version of software 7.9. for ORB XF.


    7.9 is available on our website and applies to FLX, ORB XF and SCD Server Pro. We are continuing to point uses of ORB XF & SCD Server Pro towards currently with a note that they can choose to use 7.9 if they wish.


    If you want to give this software a try please go to - http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/587/


    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.


    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Dan -

    Sorry for the time taken to reply to this question via the forum.


    So it sounds like all the fixtures have been selected at some point before applying an effect to just some of them (Just spokes or Pix Track.)


    Please ensure when recording these submasters that you have only selected the lights you want to use and nothing else is in the programmer.


    Also can you confirm that you are running version If your not - please download it from - http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/366/156/


    Finally - if you still struggle with this then feel free to send me your show file and I can take a deeper look into what has been recorded.




  5. Hi James,


    I run the Solution training days in the Cwmbran factory,

    We aim to start the training at 10am, so ask you to arrive at 9:45 and should finish around 3pm.


    The Septebmer 22nd training is fully booked now, will get the website updated late this week.

    I have spaces left on 24th November if that suits you?


    Please email me for any further information or to book a place on the Solution training. tylerholpin@eaton.com


    Many thanks,



    International Sales - Zero 88

  6. Hi,


    Thank you for your post - My name is Tyler and I oversee the Sales network for the Middle East.

    My advice would to contact one of our local distributors in Dubai - V.V.&Sons as they have local knowledge with the console.

    your other options are to look up the manual on our website located here :


    http://zero88.co.uk/... manual 3.0.pdf


    Or alternativaly I will be at the up coming InfoCom trade show with V.V.&Sons in October at the World Trade Centre and I would be more than happy for you to come along and I can give you some brief programming tips and training on our Stand.



    I hope this helps - Many thanks,

    Tyler Holpin

    Zero 88



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