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  1. I'll try that next time round (if). Is that procedure in the manual ? Cheers
  2. Ihave used this desk in the past and edited scenes in various ways successfully. For simplicity the current show is programmed as scenes in the submasters ( timing being entirely unpredictable at time of writing). Al attempts to edit these scenes are failing. The process appears to be working but the scenes emerge unchanged. I have checked on the Phantom to ensure that my procedures are correct and that works. I have now made changes in phantom and loaded that as the show but there are some colour balances I can only get right visually and the board will not let me. Before I record the board as malfunctioning is there anything I should try. Show is tonight and I intend to be well Coffeed up and deal with problems on the hoof. How i miss "top set"
  3. I tried all combinations of leads available - certainly my lead with the jester - I'll double check with their lead to my board. Will check patching today but the Pulsar LEDs were not even lighting to show activity. I can run this show from their board but am not happy that the installation is correct. The contractors were general electricians; solid citizens but clueless re DMX. I also intend to test with the demux48 starting the chain in case it's my system that is unique! Thank you. A lot of rigging to do today so testing will happen when there is time.
  4. I have an elderly and loved Sirius 24 which works fine via DEmux48 and Betapack 2. In a recently fitted school system fedding into Chili dimmers via Pulsar DMX splitter there is not a trace of a signal. The School Jester 48ML works . Has there been a change of DMX spec or (no names no pack drill but happened in a nearby school) is it possible for the Jester to work with an incorrectly fitted dimmer system ??
  5. Rigging today and took my sirius24 to venue recently equipped with Chilli racks as venue's Jester unavailable. I could not raise anything using the Sirius desk and built in demux. Stage lights came on a couple of times when I rebooted the racks but no control possible. For simplicity I'd like to run this concert via Sirius24 - have DMX protocols changed in the years I've been asleep ? Signed Rumpelstiltskin PS Tomorrow I get a chance to do some substitute testing but am asking now in case I'm only chasing my tail.
  6. CHIPS


    I have programmed two chases which work well together and transferred them to submasters. They were programmed as sllow and graceful crossfades but revert to "snap" each time I hit a stacked cue - ie in the chase set up window which I have on live I can see the Fade updown revert to "snap". As long as I remember to change this rapidly just before fading up I can manage but there must be a better way.
  7. CHIPS

    Chilli failed message

    42007011 0004110 as far as I can make out although that may be an LEA inventory number
  8. Got it. Had /have monitor running but after years of Sirius I was naturally looking at small scree. Love that Sirius - didn't realise quite how much until I used this. heers DS
  9. Getting the hang of this desk but baffled by the INSERT function - which doesn't. Following the manual instructions precisely when I press INSERT nothing is offered. Tried in RUn mode and PROGRAMME mode - makes no differ. What simple little step am I missing ?
  10. hallelujah - that worked - many thanks. Now I'm stuck on inserting a couple of states (scenes) into the running order: have followed the instruction titled "Inserting memories" but when I p[ress ""insert" sweet nothing happens. No options are offered. I've tried dummy runs in run mode , programme mode, no difference . I can see a workaround by putting the adjusted states on submasters but it's not exactly elegant and I'd prefer to have a running order in order. I'm probably doing something very stoopid but on the grounds that the manual may not be correct it's worth asking how to do the thing, Cheers.
  11. Good news in the nick of time. If I can get that to work it will save at least a day over the coming weekend and a great deal less worry over on the hoof amendments. many thanks. I for one could not find that in the manual.
  12. One of two 24way racks failed yesterday by its own admission. In the hurly-burly I did not record the displayed message but it was along the lines of "button test failed". Rebooting everything sorted it but unsettling. Printed manual today but can see no reference to that error message . Can anyone cast light ?
  13. This "copy" button that you speak of - where? I'm looking at a brand new Jester ML48 and don't see one. I dearly want to be able to copy and move states but can't see how. I normally grab rough states at the upper end of the numbers during rehearsal and then when the "director " has decided whether it's BO or Tabs IN or whatever assemble a running order leaving room for edits adding subtracting FOH and all such delicacies. "Copy and paste" would be wonderful but how ??
  14. Thank you -it was a long shot - card has reappeared as mysteriously as it vanished.
  15. I've mislaid my Sirius 24 memory back up and feel naked without same - is it possible to back up to a standard PCMCIA adaptor with a Compact flash card ???? or is that a stupid question - no not asking would be a stupid non question.
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