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  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to check in and see if anybody has a way for me to tell which current models of touch screens are compatible with the latest kernel? I'm still hunting for a touch screen, and am fearful to buy one that doesn't work. Thanks for everybody's help.
  2. Jon, thanks for responding. I'm a little heated about this feature; my apologies. The problem I'm running in to is the models of touch screens you recommend are not easily available in the USA. Our console is currently running 7.6... Is there an update to the display/touch drivers that are included in 7.7? Thanks for your help with this.
  3. Anybody have any US models of touch screens that are compatible with this thing? The displays from Monoprice are NOT compatible. I'm really getting frustrated by the lack of support and details for this feature. If I could, I'd probably return the board.
  4. Hey, thanks for this information - I'm curious in particular what protocols are supported from the Linux Kernel that's on the console. I was looking at a touch screen that Monoprice.com sells, and was curious if it would work with the existing release software.
  5. Any idea of what touch screens we can purchase in the USA? All the info provided is for other models that aren't easily purchased over here. Also, all the lists/info I found is quite aged. Are there any detailed features that I could research that could distinguish if the Solution console will work with a particular model? Open to any criticisms/suggestions/information on what others are doing (preferably that reside in the USA). We are running 7.6, but plan on upgrading once we have the time to do so.
  6. Yes, 7.7. We just purchased it in July.
  7. We have about 24 RGBW LED fixtures connected. Each time the console is restarted, the default values and home values mentioned in the Fixture Setup reset to 100 each color. I'd like to set it to zero, and stray at zero after being restarted. I've saved the show to a flash drive and reloaded it, and I get the same results. Any way to cure this? Or is there something I've overlooked.
  8. Franck, I still cannot get the parameters to untag. When i try, it clears everything. The manual is not clear on how to resolve it. When I go to change the color, or to untag a parameter, I notice the screen above the control wheels sometimes have Red C4 (100) for example. The number following C changes all the time, but I don't know what that means, and can't find where in the manual it says. I'm seriously getting very frustrated with this board and am considering something else if it can be returned. Are there any tutorial videos that I can access to assist me with what I'm doing? I'm in the USA, and can't find anybody knowledgable on this board.
  9. Here's our latest show file... We are attempting to Color Mix on 1/26-1/29 on the submasters. Any help would be appreciated! BBC-20130721.isf
  10. Hey guys, thanks for all the help.. It seems to be doing the same problem as I had described after making the changes you said. When I program RED to a submaster, including the 100% intensity, as I fade up the submaster, it color mixes from pink to red, which brings in other colors, including amber, to achieve that transition. In reality, I only want the RED LEDs to be activated. Does this make sense?
  11. Dan, thanks for this!! Let me check and see if this works for us when I get up there again this week.
  12. Hello all! I'm a proud new owner of a Solution XL console, and I've got a question that I just can't figure out. We are a church using LED fixtures in our services. Sometimes we can preprogram portions of our service, but others would like to allow us to mix colors "on the fly" with faders, as the scroll wheels can be more jittery to our volunteers. I've thought that I could just add a color each to a sub master, red/green/blue/amber, and then just mix the submasters with intensities. That's not the case. When I do this, the moment I hit the trigger point on the second fader, it fades/switches to that color instead of adding that color. I have each of our RGBA fixtures patched to their corresponding MFK's currently.
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